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The Two Things You Need to 10x Your Tech Salary

Chris Quintero
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Hi! I’m Chris, the founder of Stack Shift. I moved to Nigeria because I’m excited about remote work and the prosperity it will bring. Our mission at Stack Shift is to help you unlock this opportunity.
I’m incredibly excited about remote work because it’s enabling people to 2x, 5x, or even 10x their incomes. This is particularly true where I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Time zone, native English, and a booming local tech sector have combined to create a perfect storm of opportunity.

But despite the immense benefits, remote work also makes some jobs more competitive.

If your skills are fairly easy to learn – like basic graphic design – there are now more people than ever competing with you. Just look at the prices on Fiverr.

But if your skills are valuable and scarce, you’ll be able to earn more than ever before. As remote work takes hold, top talent will negotiate salaries based on their unique value, not their location. If you want to do the same, you’ll need two things.

Differentiated Skills

The first is differentiated skills. Basic web development may have been prized a few decades ago, but isn’t any longer. Your skills can’t just be valuable – they also need to be scarce.

One place to look is in areas that are new and trending. e.g. Machine Learning or Web3 are two examples.

Another place to look is in areas that are unsexy. Where can you carve out a niche and build expertise away from the crowd? 

However, I would argue that the most differentiated skill isn’t proficiency with any tool. It’s the ability to quickly master hard things. Similarly, there are foundational skills that add leverage to technical proficiency. Things like communication, collaboration, and people management come to mind.

Also, star performers don’t just have competence in one area. They combine depth with cross-discipline expertise – so-called T-shaped skills.

A Powerful Network

While differentiated skills are one component of an incredible remote career, they’re not enough.  The second thing you’ll need is a powerful network. 

This is important because for the world to bid on your talents, they first need to know about you.  Without a large and diverse community of peers, you’ll lack access to the best jobs. 

A happy hour we recently ran for developers in Lagos

A powerful peer group also brings insider information - stories, lessons, and best practices that haven’t been written about publicly. This advice gives you a deeper toolbox to turn to in your own problem solving.

While it’s possible to build a powerful network on your own, it’s much easier to join a community of peers looking to do the same. That’s why we founded Stack Shift. We believe that to advance remote work, the biggest lever isn’t just technical training. It’s access to powerful networks.

Cohort-based programs to level up your career

To facilitate this, we run cohort-based fellowship programs. Cohorts run for 6-weeks part-time, during which you’ll opt-into things like:

  • Hands-on sessions to learn and explore new skills
  • IRL happy hours and fun socials
  • Workshops that help clarify your goals and negotiate better offers
The boat cruise during our "beta" dWeb fellowship

Each cohort is composed of carefully selected peers who have similar levels of experience and goals.

If you’d like to learn more about thefellowships we run,see here.Please also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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