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Advancing Distributed Work

We're excited by the shift to remote work because it's enabling a global redistribution of opportunity. Jobs are becoming decoupled from geography, creating economic opportunity for millions.

Yet, high quality distributed work can be difficult to find. It can also be hard for remote talent to find peers invested in their success. This is what we're focused on at Stack Shift.

Our mission is to advance the spread of distributed work. We help remote talent inĀ Africa expand their networks and explore high-impact jobs at fast-growing firms.


Our team is based in Lagos.

Chris Quintero


Yele Bademosi


Olumide Aderinwale

Program Operations

Mercy Ajiboye

Program Operations

Iyin Fisher

Talent Operations

Lanre Adeoye

Talent Operations

Mary Alenoghena

Talent Operations

Olamide Adebayo

Talent Operations

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