Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. Taken from the wonderful Mai Shayi Coffee

Announcing Stack Shift dWeb

Chris Quintero
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Hi! I’m Chris, the founder of Stack Shift. I moved to Nigeria because I’m excited about remote work and the prosperity it will bring. Our mission at Stack Shift is to help you unlock this opportunity.
At Stack Shift, we’re incredibly excited about remote work because it’s enabling people to 2x, 5x, or even 10x their incomes. Nowhere is this more true than in Lagos, Nigeria.

However, we believe that to advance remote work, the biggest lever isn’t just technical training. It’s access to powerful networks. That’s why I’m excited to announce Stack Shift dWeb - our first fellowship program focused on helping people level up their networks in Web3.

Stack Shift dWeb

Stack Shift dWeb is not a technical training program. The goal of the fellowship is to:

  1. Level-up your network in Web3
  2. Make it easy to explore high-impact job opportunities

Think of it like a startup accelerator for people – Y Combinator but for talent. YC doesn’t train you to become a founder. They give you access to a powerful network that makes the founder journey easier. In the same way, this fellowship helps you build relationships that make navigating Web3 easier.

The fellowship occurs part-time over 8-weeks, during which you’ll opt-into events like:

  • Dinners, happy hours, and fun socials in Lagos
  • Reverse demo days where companies pitch themselves to you
  • Fireside chats with leading protocols
  • Workshops that help clarify your goals and negotiate better offers.

The fellowship is free. The program is supported by the Filecoin Foundation. However, we do ask that everyone makes a 50k Naira donation to a tech-focused nonprofit of their choice to confirm their spot and signal their interest in contributing to the program's give-first ethos.

dWeb Beta Cohort

In January we concluded our “beta” cohort of 25 fellows and had some incredible participants.

There were people like Olusola Oguntimehin who’s been in the Web3 for a number of years – first as the founder of CoinPulley, a crypto portfolio rebalancing platform. More recently he’s been working as a Senior Blockchain Engineer at Scaling Funds, a blockchain-centric funding platform based in Germany.

There was also Ada Nduka Oyom, a Developer Relations Community Manager at Google. She’s also the founder She Code Africa, a non-profit focused on empowering young girls and women in Africa through technical skills.

We had an amazing time exploring Web3 together. Here are some pictures from the last two months to give you a flavor of the fun:

Welcome Dinner
Boat Cruise
Build Day
Games Night

Recruiting the Genesis Cohort

The next cohort (dWeb Genesis) kicks off in late March. Because the cohort isn’t focused on technical training, we target people who are either 1) already working in Web3 or 2) senior enough to easily transition. Half of the beta cohort already worked in Web3 prior to the fellowship. The other half had on average 3-5 years of Web 2 experience.

The fellowship isn’t just open to blockchain engineers. Frontend, product, design, community, and growth talent are all welcome.

Applications are currently invite-only. If you’re interested, please submit your profile here and we’ll reach out to schedule an intro call if it looks like a potential fit.

We have a very small team and limited bandwidth so my apologies in advance if we don’t reach out to schedule a call with you. You’ll still be added to our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed of awesome Web3 events, insights, and jobs.

Hope to see you at an upcoming event soon!

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